Allied Agricultural Term Loan

There is provision for bank loan for Mini Dairy, Poultry, Piggery, Fisheries, Goat Rearing, Sericulture, Biogas Plant etc. under Aliied Agricultral Loan Scheme.

*Mini Dairy Scheme*

*To meet increasing demand of milk as well as to generate employment oppurtunity, this scheme has been launched for agriculture based benificiaries having availibility of green fodders and concentrates.

*Supporting infrastructure facility of marketing, veterinary aid, artificial insemination etc are the pre requisites of the scheme.

*Minimum five units of cross breed cows with milk yield of 10-11 litres per day is provided.

*Margin Money; SF/MF- 5%, for others 15-25% of the project cost.

*Repayment period- 60 monthly instalment.

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