Housing Loan


* Credit cum Subsidy scheme for rural people with credit component of Rs. 40,000.00 and subsidy eliment being Rs. 10,000.00.

* Annual income of the benificiary should be Rs. 32,000.00 per annum.

* Identification of the benificiary to be made by Govt. agency.

* Repayment period - 10 to 15 years, loan to be recovered before attainment of 60 years age of the benificiary.


* For construction of house, purchase of house, rennovation, addition / alteration of existing house.

* Maximum loan amount shall be 36 times of net monthly income of the applicant for salaried person.

* For non salaried person - Loan amount shall be three times of net annual income.

* For rennovation/expansion/alteration loan upto Rs. 50,000.00 may be granted.

* For business market complex loan to be considered on the viability of the project to meet the bank loan and interest.

* Margin - 20% for residential and 25% for commercial purpose.

Repayment Period- For residential- 10 to 15 years, For Commercial - 7 years.

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