* Janta Personal Consumer Loan is a scheme for consumer durables to a salaried as well as non salaried person.

* For salaried person length of service should be minimum two years and left over service should be equal to the proposed number of instalments.

* For non salaried person regular and known source of income with neccessary evidence acceptable to the bank is required.

* For purchase of four wheelers, applicant should be income tax assessee.

* Quantum of loan - 5 times of monthly salary / income or Rs. 60,000.00 which ever is less.

* For four wheelers, ten times of gross income.

* Margin - 15% for two weelers and consumer durables and 25% for four wheelers.

* Repayment - 48 instalments for two wheelers and consumer durables, 60 installment for four wheelers.

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